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Olivia is an artist and Teacher local to the area of Sussex, on England’s South coast. Having grown up in the historically creative village of Ditchling and spent many years working in Brighton, she has soaked up the lively and innovative energies these places produce.


After finishing a BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design in 2007, Olivia spent a couple of years working, traveling and being creative before beginning her training as a costumier and seamstress at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance.

 After graduating in 2012 she has since developed her portfolio of experience, working in both creative and business environments.

In 2017 Olivia completed her Teacher training and has been working as an Art Teacher in an East Sussex school since this time. The Summer after completing her PGCE, Olivia was offered an Artist Residency at Glyndebourne Opera House; work from both the residency and from her teaching role can be found on this website.


In 2016 Olivia was Chair of the Ditchling Village Fair Committee, a voluntary role which required a huge amount of dedication to the community. One of Olivia’s proudest achievements in this role was changing the way the “Fair Queen” was chosen; from a beauty pageant style selection process to become a nominations based selection. This change concentrated on community work and being a role model for young people, renaming the role to become “Village Gems”. For the 2018 Ditchling Fair Olivia was nominated as a Village Gem for her role in preserving the Village Fair for the future.


Olivia Marjorie Broadbent Smith
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