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Finished Quilt
Layers of Quilt pinned together
Misc. outfits 2015-2017
Glyndebourne Dresses 2017
Skirts, c.2017
Misc. dresses 2016-18
Old Dresses c.2014
Tote bags c.2011
Old Dresses prior to 2009


In 2019 Olivia created a King size patchwork quilt using off-cuts of fabrics she had collected from various projects over the years. Some fabrics also had sentimental value as well as direct links to previous projects.

The patches were arranged in a colour pattern, machine sewn into lengths of fabric, which were then machine sewn vertically to make the top layer. The patchwork layer was pinned to the wadding and backing and then all layers were hand-stitched together.

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